Plans & Pricing

We have a number of different monthly plans, ranging from 'Starter' - suitable for smaller B&B's to plans for larger hotels*.


per month
40 included Transactions
15p per Additional Tx.

100 Plan

per month
100 included Transactions
13p per additional Tx.

300 Plan

per month
300 included Transactions
12p per additional Tx.

500 Plan

per month
500 included Transactions
11p per additional Tx.

What "counts" as a transaction?

Here are the following Caterpay methods that would be included in your monthly billing total.


When a card is stored for security using Verify, Caterpay checks the banking system to ensure that card is good.


A sale charges the card, with funds being transferred to your bank account depending on your merchant account's terms (usually 3-5 working days).

Charge Token

Cards from OTA's are stored securely along with their CVV. Caterpay receives a token that represents that card and this can be charged in the background much like a Sale, although you won't ever see the full card details. (We won't double charge you - storing the token is free.)


When you perform a Verify, Sale or Charge token, the card is remembered and can be rebilled multiple times without needing to re-enter the details. This can be used for settling a balance payment or any breakages / "missing" items discovered after the guest has left.


You can refund an existing transaction partially or fully. In the event of the original card being expired, or needing to refund a different card an administrator can do this through the Caterpay Merchant Management System.
* If you need to process more than 500 transaction per month - no problem - please contact us to discuss your requirements.