Caterpay simplifies payment card processing

A cost efffective and secure payment processing solution for hotels.
Don't just store a card - verify it!

Caterpay checks cards stored for security by staff and on your website against the banking system to reduce your risk of not getting paid. Don't take AMEX? Caterpay will tell you that you are entering an unsupported card type at the point of verification, rather than when you come to try and charge for a no-show months later.

If the original verification was performed with the CVV number, you can re-present the stored token for rebilling as if it contained the CVV, multiple times, reducing your merchant charges for "insecure" cards.

Virtual terminal

Built into Caterbook, the virtual terminal is available from within a booking record to store, charge or refund a guest's payment card without ever leaving the Caterbook application.

The contact details from the guest are automatically pulled through from the booking to simplify the charging process.

Settlement is made directly through your own Merchant ID, and under the Merchant's terms (usually within 3-5 working days.)

Website bookings

Caterpay enables you to take card for security (with card details being not just stored, but verified against the banking system) or deposits in real time on your website, and supports Mastercard 3D Secure and Verified by Visa, as well as CV2 and address checking.

Payment links by email

Caterbook's email templates can send a pre-departure email to the guest the night before checkout, offering them the opportunity to settle their current balance by clicking a link through to Caterpay, populated with the correct amount.

Merchant Management System

Check the status of each transaction, run reports, pre-authorise cards, send payment request via email, issue refund payments where the original card has expired. MMS allows you to configure and manage your Caterpay.
For reference, all OTA sourced cards are tokenised and stored free of charge in Caterpay. We don't "double charge" these by billing you for the storage AND the subsequent charging of these cards because when they are not checked by the banking system, the cost for storing these is low enough for us to absorb.